Accounting Softwares

Are you looking for a way to improve your business but do not know what is the solution?

Are you searching for an accounting software but do not know which one suits you best?

Are you considering the most effective and efficient way to computerise your accounts?

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QuickBooks ProQuickBooks Pro - The World #1 Best-Selling Integrated Realtime Accounting Software (2 million worldwide users). Recommended by more accountants than any other small business accounting software. Perfect solution for small & medium business. The most user-friendly, fastest & easiest to learn & use accounting softwares. No accounting knowledge needed. No month-end & year-end closing. Using Weighted Average Costing Method.

Accounting 2000 Accounting 2000 - Most user-friendly locally developed Windows-based integrated realtime accounting software. A scaled-down version of AutoCount Accounting. Offer complete & strong features for trading & service industry. Includes GL, AR, AP & Inventory. Strong user security & price history features. 100% suitable for local environment such as Delivery Order, Offical Receipts, Payment Voucher, Bank charges etc. No month-end closing. Offer 5 costing method.

OBM Windows AccountingOBM - Multi-user Fully Integrated Real Time Accounting System with multi-company, multi-user, multi-currency & automatic calculation of forex gain/loss, multi-location, multi-pricing, SQL queries/Report Writer, support imaging, graph plotting for business analysis, full audit trail & more. With Bill of Material (BOM) feature, suitable for manufacturing industries. Using FIFO costing method. AutoCount AccountingAutoCount - Most user-friendly local-developed Windows-based integrated realtime accounting software. Besides having all the strong features of Accounting 2000, it offers other ehanced features such as unlimited companies, manufacturing accounts, Project Accounting, Multi-currency, Cashflow statement (new and old format), Budget Maintenance, Customer Overdue Letter, Commission Report, and other advanced reporting plus powerful & easy to use Report Designer. No month-end closing. Offer 5 costing method.