Accounting 2000 is a leading Windows-based accounting software designed specially for the needs of small, medium and growing business.

It helps you to focus on your accounting data to generate neatly and decisive financial reports effortlessly and you will find entering accounting transactions is no longer a nightmare.

Accounting 2000 is designed for user without accounting knowledge in mind.  Every transaction entry is accomplished by automatic double entry posting behind the scene.  User with no bookeeping knowledge will find Accounting 2000 handy and practical.

When We Say Simplicity & Friendliness, We Mean It.

Accounting 2000 extends the simplicity and friendliness of Windows-based software to the maximum.  Every entry screen is designed to be as simple as possible to capture all the necessary data.  An user who has little knowledge about Windows environment can still excel without difficulties.

With Accounting 2000, your life will be much more easier and simple. It is an intelligent software yet at very affordable price.

Accounting 2000 is a computerized accounting system designed to handle the day-to day accounting transactions. It is very easy-to-use and user-friendly and couple with graphical user interface.

A Command Center comprises the main menu selection buttons with a colorful and sharp window to capture your attention. Thereby, you will not get lost easily.

The MDI (Multiple Document Interfaces) feature of Accounting 2000 allows you to open more than one window of the system at the same time. You are allowed to open up to 10 windows at the same time without getting stuck or hang. Therefore, you can shift from one window to another, whenever you like.

The most advantage of Accounting 2000 compare to other accounting software is that it can be upgraded to more advanced accounting software such as AutoCount for higher requirements and complicated features.

We hope you will satisfy with our system and find it helpful to ease your stress confronting with a bulk of accounting transactions.