AutoCount is the enhanced version of Accounting 2000.

Besides having all the features provided by Accounting 2000, AutoCount provides more advanced features such as foreign currency, project accounting, enhanced reporting & report designer.

It is Malaysian leading windows based accounting tool developed for the needs of small, medium, and growing businesses. AutoCount allows you to capture your accounting data to generating useful financial reports instantly. With AutoCount, you will find that entering transactions is like a breeze. It also saves your time and you can have a report that is accurate and neat.

AutoCount supports unlimited company accounts and uses on-line posting instead of batch processing. In addition, there is no month end closing required before continuing into following month. Modification to the existing transaction is so straight forward (with proper authorisation), and the systems will post the modified transactions once saved. All the reports will be reflected instantly & accurately.  The complete audit trail also tell you what have been modified to the account book.

AutoCount runs in standalone (single machine) as well as in networking environment like Microsoft Windows, NT and Novell Netware Network.

AutoCount's user-interface is easy to understand and fully support keyboard operation, which is suitable for users who are familiar with DOS environment. AutoCount is easy to learn. Any user with simple basic accounting knowledge can start using AutoCount immediately without any difficulties.

It helps you to focus on your accounting data to generate neatly and decisive financial reports effortlessly and you will find entering accounting transactions is no longer a nightmare.

As in Accounting 2000, it is also designed for user without accounting knowledge in mind.  Every transaction entry is accomplished by automatic double entry posting behind the scene.  User with no bookeeping knowledge will find it handy and practical.

When We Say Simplicity & Friendliness, We Mean It.

The MDI (Multiple Document Interfaces) feature allows you to open more than one window of the system at the same time. You are allowed to open up to 10 windows at the same time without getting stuck or hang. Therefore, you can shift from one window to another, whenever you like.