(Features not in Accounting 2000 are shown in This Colour)

   General Ledger
   Account Maintenance
   Print Chart of Accounts
   Cash Book Entry
   Journal Entry
   Print Journal of Transactions
   Opening Balance Maintenance
   Print Balance B/F
   Journal Maintenance
   Stock Value Maintenance
   Budget Maintenance
     Asset & Depreciation Maintenance
   Enter Fixed Assets Disposal
   Print Official Receipt & Payment Voucher

   Account Receivable
   Debtor Maintenance
   Invoice Entry
   Receive Payment
   Credit Note Entry
   Debit Note Entry
   Print A/R Invoice Listing
   Print Due Invoices/Debit Notes Report
   Print Collection Report
   Print Debtor Balance Report
   Print Debtor Control Report
   Print Debtor List
   Print Debtor Label
   Print Debtor Statement
   Print Debtor Aging Report
   Print Sales Analysis Report
   Print Overdue Letter
   Print Commission Report

   Account Payable
   Creditor Maintenance
   Bill Entry
   Pay Bill
   Creditor Credit Note Entry
   Creditor Debit Note Entry
   Print Unpaid Bills Report
   Print Creditor Balance Report
   Print Creditor Control Report
   Print Creditor List
   Print Creditor Label
   Print Creditor Statement
   Print Creditor Aging Report
   Print Purchase Analysis Report

   Project Maintenance
   Print Project Ledger
   Print Project Profit & Loss Statement
   Print Project Trial Balance Report
   Print Project Summary Report
   Print Project Profit Margin Report

   Invoicing & Stock
   Group Maintenance
   Item Maintenance
   Issue Quotation
   Issue Sales Order
   Issue Delivery Order
   Issue Invoice
   Issue Cash sales
   Issue Credit Note
   Issue Debit Note
   Goods Received
   Stock Adjustment
   Outstanding Sales Order
   Outstanding Delivery Order
   Price History referenced by Debtor and/or Item
   Print Quotation Listing
   Print Sales Order Listing
   Print Delivery Order Listing
   Print Invoice Listing
   Print Cash Sales Listing
   Print Credit Note Listing
   Print Debit Note Listing
   Print Profit & Loss of Billing
   Print Item Listing
   Print Stock Cards
   Print Month End Stock Balance
   Print Stock Movement Report

   Financial Reports
   General Ledger Report
   Print Trial Balance Report
   Print Profit & Loss Statement
   Print Balance Sheet Statement
   Print A Group Report
   Print Manufacturing Account
   Print Comparison Profit & Loss Statement
   Print Fund Flow Statement
   Print Cashflow Statement
   Print Asset Depreciation & Net Book Value
   Print Gain/Loss on Disposal of Assets
   Print Cash Book

   Report Designer
   Debtor Statement
   Official Receipt & Payment Voucher
   Overdue Letter
   Item Listing
   Quotation, Sales Order, Deliver Order & Invoice, Cash Sales, Credit Note & Debit Note
   Quotation Listing/Detail Listing
   Sales Order Listing/Detail Listing
   Delivery Order Summary Listing/Detail Listing
   Invoice Summary Listing/Detail Listing
   Cash Sales Listing/Detail Listing
   Credit Note Listing/Detail Listing
   Debit Note Listing/Detail Listing
   Debtor / Creditor Label
   Ledger Report

   Other Facilities
   Open / Create / delete Account Book
   Login / Logout
   Company Profile Maintenance
   Bank Reconciliation
   Backup & Restore
   User Maintenance / Access Right
   Year End Closing
   Check / Fix Database Integrity & Scan Book
   Agent Maintenance & Terms Maintenance
   Area Code Maintenance
   Payment Method Maintenance
   Audit Trail
   And More....

Other Modules


Price Module

   3 pricing level for each product to cater for different customer's group
   Up to 4 levels of quantity discount on each pricing level
   Search facility on pricing for each product


Import/Export Module

   Import/Export transactions from/to other account book's database
   Eg for company which has branches elsewhere and maintain their accounts using AutoCount Accounting. Instead of rekey in all the branches' transactions, this module allows you to export the data from the branches and import to the headoffice accounts.