Best for shares investment

Great for small business

  • Creates Balance sheets, Profit & Loss account and more
  • Graphs cashflow for future months
  • Manages your small business invoicing
  • Creates clear, professional looking invoices
  • Customisable forms
  • Handles multiple currencies

Gives you insight into your finances

  • Reports & graphs show exactly where your money goes
  • Totally customisable reports and graphs

Helps you plan for the future

  • Creates budgets - and helps you sticks to them
  • Forecasts future balances for each account
  • Overdraft warnings - alerts you if you're about to go overdrawn
  • Financial Planning - Plan for retirement, childeren education, house purchase and other financial goals

Saves you time

  • Tracks bank balances, credit cards, loans, mortgages and investments
  • REMINDER - Reminds you when your bills fall due
  • FINANCIAL CALENDAR - Tracks all your standing orders and direct debits automatically
  • Reconciles your bank and credit card statements quickly
  • Calculates your account balances - instantly

Easy to learn & use

  • Guides you step by step through setting up
  • No accounting jargon or complex instructions
  • Screen design - for the fastest, easiest interaction yet
  • Pay cheque wizard - step by step set up of your salary and /or wages transaction

Home, Emergency & Financial Records Organiser

  • Organise details of all your personal / business possessions
  • Tracks your vital personal, business, legal, practical and financial information
  • Tracks important address information